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Use Artificial Intelligence to Stay On Top

Businesses have never faced so much pressure to deliver value and results in less time – and that calls for some serious disruption. One source of assistance is definitely Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our experience tells that as humans we cannot ingest, process and provide insights faster and better than machines anymore. Let’s see it through […]

Key Pricing and TCO Practices for Cloud BI

Leaders from all around the globe face challenges and pressure to accomplish more tasks in shorter periods of time and they demand agile analytics tools to make fully informed decisions quickly. Also, business users expect to have access to a system where they can analyze data when and where they choose to, without the need to wait on […]

What’s Data Governance?

Data Governance is the exercise of decision-making and authority for data-related matters. Also, is a system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes, executed according to agreed-upon models which describe the 6 Ws: who can take what actions with what information when under what circumstances using what methods. Data Governance programs can differ significantly, […]

In-Memory Database Systems and Solutions

Big data and analytics have become a major competitive differentiator, but managing massive amounts of data with around-the-clock uptime is an ongoing challenge for IT. It’s more critical than ever to achieve the performance, availability and robust security that enterprises need for mission-critical workloads while keeping costs low.