DWH Optimization

Bright BI Consulting builds well-organized, efficient data warehousing models

The key to Data Warehouse technology and cloud computing involves centralized storage systems that can rapidly gather, integrate, and summarize information to drive intelligent decisions.

Bright BI Consulting Data Warehouse optimization includes, but is not limited, to the following services:

  1. Consolidation of datamarts and reporting databases
  2. Measurement of performance demand as it relates to existing platform and processing infrastructure (for example, need for real-time data)
  3. Processes and procedures to implement and deploy applications to meet time-to-market goals
  4. Analysis of historical data models access
  5. Analysis of data types and data models; consider benefits of breaking down information into more granular data
  6. Alignment of organizational members to ensure the right business and IT people are in the right roles to get the most out of the DW investment

The data warehouse must make your organization’s information easy to access and analyze.  It must present this information consistently in order to be trusted.  And to ensure that it can support future needs, it must be adaptive to change.

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