You cannot improve what you cannot measure

Why Bistazo

Bistazo is a Business Intelligence Platform completely oriented to generate and share organized information and knowledge (data, statistics, reports and dashboards) through different company user profiles based on 3 premises:

1. Easy to use

Socialize the access to information and knowledge can help you unleash the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise and self-service business intelligence, agile visualizations, and advanced analytics to all users of your organization, and, of course, on any device or platform, with almost no training.

  1. 100% web interface
    1. Users can access data anytime
    2. With any web browser
    3. From any device connected to Internet
  2. 100% customized: the content (information, reports, security filters, …) and the container (look&feel, language, options, functions,…) can be 100% customized depending on the profile of the user connected. That makes Bistazo a Business Intelligence solution that helps users and organizations:
    1. To access business data easily
    2. Doing intuitive dynamic analysis
    3. Doing proactive report schedule
    4. Download and share information easily


2. Easy to implement and maintain

Based in ROLAP, Bistazo is capable of accessing any RDBMS engine.

  1. Flexible and modular. Can be integrated as a service in the organization’s web portal, intranet, etc., adapting easily to customer needs and the changes they might need in the future.
  2. Easy to scale. Progressive growth from simple models to complex ones.
  3. Faster project developments. First results in the short term.
  4. Audit data and tracking performance is available.

3. Transparent pricing – “pricing like it should be”

  1. No license cost per user: just pay for the Bistazo solution engine license and scale your system requirements to the number of users that will connect to Bistazo.
  2. No hidden fees or extra costs. We don’t charge extra for new and core features. Everything you need comes with the license pay. Use the features you need today. Turn on others as you go.

Our Bistazo Services


    Evaluate Bistazo fitment with your needs and formulate strategy & architecture roadmap


    Rollout Bistazo by leveraging prebuilt vertical frameworks and templates


    Leverage the right toolsets or integration to ensure flexibility and user experience


    Manage your existing architecture and stay ahead in terms of BI maturity and innovations


    Get the right size your Bistazo landscape and deploy a scalable platform with a foolproof fail-over strategy. Implement robust security governing access & authorizations


    Leverage a scalable offshore team to manage support (BASIS & App) and enhancements


    Use load balancers, tune application parameters to improve performance, configure critical servers in active-active to ensure availability.