Bright BI Consulting provides the necessary guidance to help you shape your entire BI, DWH, Big Data, Analytics, and Reporting organization. Our project leaders focus on practical planning as it relates to our client enterprises’ unique needs and goals.

In collaboration with client users, our project leaders identify specific opportunities that clients can take advantage of in terms of internal and external data, people, processes, and business opportunities. Bright BI’s team has the experience to not only direct multiple projects across different departments, but to streamline workflows, avoid duplicate efforts, and minimize potential pitfalls that could impact your existing systems.

Related services may include:

  1. Analytics Business Model Planning and Data Monetization
  2. Technology and Platform Selection
  3. External Data Planning and Procurement
  4. Departmental Area Analytics Guidance (HR, Marketing, Finance, Revenue, Sales, Purchase, …)
  5. Security Planning and Audit
  6. Staffing Models and Organizational Planning, including Recruiting & Staffing Services

Please, feel free to contact us for more information.