ScoreCards & Dashboards

Interactive ScoreCard and Dashboard applications and solutions help companies illustrate key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends presented in easy-to-understand charts and tables, obtaining quick views and valuable insights of their sales, financial, HR, marketing, CRM, ERP and other departmental and operational data, showing always a big-picture and allowing users to drill down into granular detail, share with others in your organization and visualize it in any device.


  • Dashboards provide a single, easy-to-understand view of critical business and operational data helping managers focus on the things that matter, giving them the information they need to effectively monitor and improve their company’s performance, taking better actions and making smarter decisions.
  • Dashboards provide the ability to closely monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

At Bright BI Consulting we believe that what makes a dashboard an exceptional tool for data analysts and corporate executives is the quality and the value of the data itself; displaying information in a clear and concise way.

Bright BI’s Solutions

The Bright BI Consulting team develops dashboards with high quality summations of real-time and relevant data to help your business make informed and intelligent choices.
Our solutions enable rapid insight, interactive analysis, and visual storytelling that support a culture of data-driven insight.
Bright BI Consulting team uses our information delivery methodology to take you through the phases of data discovery and help you identify what visual storytelling and insights you need.

Bright BI Consulting’s experts can help your company incorporate Dashboards into your department or corporate BI strategy:

  • Spreadsheets to dashboards

    Convert spreadsheets into dynamic and interactive dashboards

  • Multi-source dashboards

    Get data from multiple sources.

  • KPIs

    Lightweight high-performance Executive KPI Dashboards.

  • Executive KPI Scorecards & Dashboards

    Executive KPI Scorecards & Dashboards anytime, anywhere and any device (desktop and mobile)

  • Predictive and Scenario Analysis

    Predictive and Scenario Analysis Dashboards. Perform predictive and what-if scenario analysis using dashboards.

  • Customization

    Custom add-ons for dashboards