Health Care & Insurance

Bright BI Consulting is at the forefront of the healthcare technology field developing Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics initiatives that reconsider healthcare traditional models. With new assessments, strategies, designs, and developments, we want to help our clients shift toward new methodologies that better address the latest challenges of Population Health Management and achieve better outcomes. Our services address the following challenges:

  • Designing and adapting delivery system solutions that target new objectives

    1. developing personalized health and wellness programs
    2. successfully meeting financial needs of both providers and consumers
    3. improving clinical outcomes
    4. measure customer segments and improve customer satisfaction
  • Measuring the true costs of care delivery

    Empower your key decision makers with a forward looking view that enables them to make better plans and improve business outcomes.

  • Integrating both clinical and claims data together

    Users do not have to rely on IT department to analyze or create reports anymore. Solutions now empower business users to use sophisticated reporting tools.

  • Establishing more precise patient registries

    Help making informed decisions with instant access to targeted, personalized information wherever you are.

  • Coordinating effectively between care team and patient, and determining patient-provider attribution

  • Monitoring and measuring clinical and cost metrics, tracking specific outcomes, and engaging in risk-management outreach

  • Establishing and adhering to clinical practice guidelines, including patient engagement, communications, and education

  • Acquiring and integrating pertinent external clinical, demographic, socio-economic, and geographical data