MicroStrategy Web

MicroStrategy Web is a unified, consistent interface for all major styles of BI – Scorecards and Dashboards, Enterprise Reporting, OLAP Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Alerts and Proactive Notification. It allows business users to move seamlessly between all 5 Styles of BI and even combine multiple styles within a single report display.

  • A Single Interface

    A Single Interface for All Business Intelligence Reporting, Analysis, and Monitoring (Scorecards, Dashboards, Reports, OLAP Analysis, Predictive Analysis and Exception Alerting)

    • Quicker, more accurate answers for business users with less cost to IT departments.
    • CIOs have a BI utility that can extend to all of an enterprise’s reporting, analysis, and monitoring needs.
  • Intuitive Navigation and a Familiar Interface Design

    Designed with Intuitive Navigation and a Familiar Interface Design (Easy to Use Windows-Like Functionality)

    1. Maximizes ease of use for business users
    2. Little to no learning curve
  • An innovative approach

    MicroStrategy Web provides an innovative approach that enables far more interactive, intuitive, and responsive user interactions.

  • 3 editions for different user skill levels

    MicroStrategy Web comes in three editions for different user skill levels – Reporter, Analyst, and Professional. Within these editions, BI administrators can further personalize an individual user’s or group of users’ access to MicroStrategy Web functionality.

    • Suitable for business users of all skill levels.
    • Tailor BI interactivity and interface for individuals or groups.