Data Governance

Improve Data Quality, Manage Risk, Maintain Compliance

To have a successful MDM you require the best practice data governance. Successful companies understand that any business intelligence platform requires an internal watchdog to ensure the uniformity and accuracy of the information received and distributed.

We define Data Governance as the enterprise policies, processes, standards, and tools that enable effective use of enterprise data assets ensuring data quality.

To improve our clients’ data governance standards we do a top-down evaluation of data processes, measuring the accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and completeness of datasets.

Working closely with executive leaders, department heads and IT stakeholders to act in the roles of data owners and data stewards, Bright BI Consulting determines the best strategy to manage and control your company’s information. A typical plan to address issues in data quality may include:

  1. consolidating and standardization of incompatible databases
  2. restructuring business procedures after mergers
  3. sharing critical information between departments
  4. reducing and eliminating redundant processes

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