MicroStrategy Desktop

MicroStrategy Desktop is a powerful development interface that includes integrated monitoring, reporting, analysis, and decisionsupport workflow. MicroStrategy Desktop is used to build both:

  • Analysis Objects (Metrics, Prompts, and Filters)
  • Report Objects (Dashboards, Enterprise Reports, and Graphs)

MicroStrategy Desktop Analyst

This edition is used by business users to:

  • Perform sophisticated investigative analysis

  • Change report presentation format and export data to other applications

  • Perform OLAP manipulations such as drill, pivot, sort, and filter, or add new calculations

MicroStrategy Desktop Designer

This edition is used by report developers to:

  • Build analysis objects

    Build analysis objects such as business metrics, filters, prompts, custom groups, and consolidations

  • Develop report objects

    Develop report objects that provide insightful and highly effective scorecards, dashboards, and business reports

  • Reports, documents and results

    Execute reports and documents and manipulate the results.