Master Data Management

Build a Framework for Procedures, Policies, and Standards

As the systems evolve and business rules change, performance measurement is constantly impacted. Building the appropriate Master Data Management (MDM) strategy and solution is critical to your organization’s success.

Bright BI Consulting teams, work closely with client leadership and business units to define business challenges and goals before designing and mapping out architectures for data integration, data quality management, and data metrics:

  1. providing the change management expertise to help your organization migrate smoothly to the new solution
  2. setting expectations and measure results along the way
  3. help you build trust in your new solution and increase buy-in throughout your organization by providing quantifiable results showing the value that has been added.

Create a Single View of Customers and Products

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date “gold standard” view of customers and products is a must-have for efficient operations and effective analytics.  In a complex enterprise this is no simple feat: It requires specialized processes and technologies implemented within and across your enterprise systems and business units.

Our Master Data Management services

Our Master Data Management services cover:

  1. Strategy and road-mapping
  2. Vendor selection
  3. Organization and governance
  4. Platform assessment
  5. Operational and analytics development

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