Benchmarking: technology selection

There are more than 30 consolidated solutions in the BI landscape. Investing in the wrong technology can cost you more than money. It can stall critical projects and result in lost revenue and competitive advantage. Thanks to our experience working with technology leaders we deliver enterprise-class solutions that are sustainable and extensible over time. Always mindful of your legacy technologies and constraints, we help you choose the right solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

That is why we continuously monitor the market in order to answer questions related with:

  • Business Intelligence trends (data visualization, self-service BI, mobile BI, reporting, and dashboards).
  • What innovative new features should a company look out for.
  • Which is the best BI solution for my company in the short and long run.
  • How top performing organizations maximize the value from BI investments.
  • The most common metrics top performers use to measure ROI in Business Intelligence.

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