Business teams need IT department more than ever

Company’s departments such as marketing, sales, finance, operations or HR continues have come to rely on IT to provide expertise on current technology and, more important, to provide a road map that shows where technology will lead and how to make the best use of increasingly sophisticated tools.

In the past, business teams might have bought or developed their own tools and databases, hardware and software without considering the manteinance of those the systems. In our experience, this is perhaps because IT was seen as a roadblock or didn’t move as fast as expected.

At BrightBI Consulting, we’ve seen that business departments that embrace the IT team as their partner they succeed far than others. On one hand, Company’s need to rely on IT for technology, integration, implementation expertise, the care and feeding of the data, the reliability of systems, and an eye toward future technologies that may add a value for the organization. On the other hand, IT needs to rely on the business to define a direction and establish clear objectives.


In our expertise this relationship needs to be focused on the following main practices:

Focus on a common goal. Business departments and IT one have and important thing in common: they both want to demonstrate value to the organization; for example improving the customer experience, raise sales or reduce costs.

Because we now rely heavily on data and analytical tools to do our work, we need a greater level of help from IT experts, especially in how we could both create and collect enterprise-level customer data, for instance, while ensuring data integrity.

Collaborate on a digital road map. The emerging IT solutions are more focused on external customers. This means being more strategic. And being more strategic means being more engaged in discussions and planning with all business departments. Companies must understand the need of creating more engagement by having IT representatives attend other business departments meetings. Only doing so, IT could become more proactive in allocating resources and suggesting new technologies to help us reach other departments goals sooner.


Making the shift to establish a deeper partnership between IT and other business departments can take time. So enter this transition point with patience in mind.

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