Self Service Analytics & Reporting

Smartphones, tablets and wireless technology are evolving into legitimate tools for managing day-to-day business. With the proper solutions such devices help making informed decisions with instant access to targeted, personalized information wherever you are.

Our mobile implementations are built to provide a better and faster bi-directional data access at your fingertips, with intuitive mobile dashboards, real-time intelligence, to improve employee productivity and set a better customer service.

Thanks to mobility you can leverage key metrics and company data from anywhere using your own device.

Mobile BI applications help:

  • To have more informed decision making with immediate access information
  • To increase productivity and effectiveness of workers in the field
  • Sales people answering customer questions on the spot
  • Business processes running smoothly by monitoring KPIs
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through reuse of deployed BI reports and platform functionality

Bright BI Consulting’s team can help your company run its BI strategy with mobile capabilities that empower your decision makers wherever they go.

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