The RACC, with over a million members, is the largest automobile club in Spain, leader in the field of mobility. Provides emergency health personal assistance, family, and mechanics and is a leader in the field of auto insurance. The RACC is also present in the travel industry and is also a mobile operator.
Through its Foundation, and as an entity with a vocation of service to society, the RACC cares, moves and creates states of opinion to improve sustainable mobility and road safety of all people.
In the sporting arena, the RACC is the first World Club has organized three heats for their respective World: Formula 1, MotoGP and Rally.

Designed and implemented several datamarts to integrate, manage, control and monitor the activity of the club’s members, the assists, CRM, travel, insurance, etc. Developed agile visualizations, reports and dashboards for the different levels of the organization.

Bistazo, Microstrategy and Oracle.