MicroStrategy Architect

MicroStrategy Architect is a rapid BI development tool that maps the physical structure from one or many data sources to a logical, object-oriented model of the business.

Architect can model multiple sources as if they were a single data source, storing all this information in MicroStrategy’s unified metadata:

  • Merges departmental metadata into an enterprise metadata

    Enables organizations to merge schema, analysis objects, report objects, and administration objects from a departmental metadata into an enterprise metadata.

  • Present reports or dashboards to business users with ease

    IT can combine information from different sources into a single report or dashboard and present it to business users with ease.

  • Logical Tables

    Logical Tables: reads from the catalogue of tables available from different data sources and imports the definitions of these data source structures as Logical Tables, which are used to define schema objects such as Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies, and Transformations.

MicroStrategy Architect is used to:

  • Map the physical database

    Map the physical database schema into a logical business model with easy-to-use wizards and editors

  • Model the application

    Model the application using business requirements and terminology

  • Build complex hierarchies

    Build complex hierarchies that reflect the relationships between business entities using one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships.