Predictive Analysis

Empower your key decision makers with a forward looking view that enables them to make better plans and improve business outcomes.

At Bright BI Consulting we think that looking at analytics through your traditional BI solutions is important but not enough. We strongly believe that looking forward would provide a significant advantage, and this is possible through Predictive Analysis.

Predictive Analytics examines patterns found in internal and external data to identify future situations, risks and opportunities. It helps companies to more effectively forecast revenues, inventories, and marketing campaigns, increasing their ability to act accordingly and improve their outcomes.

It is not only about predictions

It is necessary to clarify that Predictive Analytics is not only about predictions, or the future. Predictive Analytics also offers in-depth data mining and data analysis capabilities to identify patterns where potential issues and opportunities exist. Also, Predictive Analytics has the potential to drive innovation in almost every area of your business.


Predictive Analytics can be used for example in marketing to improve: pricing, cross-sell, up-sell, customer retention, direct marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. Other potential areas where Predictive Analytics has significant impact include: risk assessment and management, fraud detection, disease prevention and disease management, forecast, or cancellation management.

We evaluate each case to provide a tailored solution

Our Predictive Analytics Team helps companies make the most of their existing data to uncover future trends, risks & opportunities that result in bigger returns, or avoid big losses. Unlike most firms that use predictive solutions with specific models, we evaluate each case and develop a clear methodology to have the best predictive model applied for each situation and make your investment in Predictive Analytics worthwhile.

Bright BI Consulting’s experts can help your company achieve better results using a simple but effective methodology when building up your predictive models.

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