MicroStrategy is provider of business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services.

Why MicroStrategy

It is certainly one of the world’s most comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use analytics platform to meet every need:

  1. Maximum flexibility and affordability, running at individual, team, departmental, or enterprise-scale.
  2. Delivered as a desktop application, on the web or mobile devices.
  3. Supporting high performance analytics on gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes of data.
  4. Deployed on-premises or up to 100x more quickly in the MicroStrategy Cloud.

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Our MicroStrategy Services

  • MicroStrategy roadmap

    Evaluate MicroStrategy fitment with your needs and formulate strategy & architecture roadmap.

  • MicroStrategy Implementation

    Rollout MicroStrategy by leveraging prebuilt frameworks and templates.

  • Microstrategy Healthcheck

    Identify problem areas in your infrastructure and address them for flexibility, scalability, reliability and availability.

  • MicroStrategy Integration

    Leverage the right toolsets or integration to ensure flexibility and user experience

  • MicroStrategy Migration and Upgrades

    Manage your existing architecture and stay ahead in terms of BI maturity and innovations.

  • MicroStrategy Admin and Configuration

    Right size your MicroStrategy landscape and deploy a scalable platform with a foolproof fail-over strategy. Implement robust security governing access & authorizations.

  • MicroStrategy on Mobile

    Publish your MicroStrategy dashboards and reports on mobile devices

  • MicroStrategy Support

    Leverage a scalable offshore team to manage support (BASIS & App) and enhancements

  • MicroStrategy Performance Optimization

    Use load balancers, tune application parameters to improve performance, configure critical servers in active-active to ensure availability.