Hospitality & Leisure

Creating a great guest or visitor experience is fundamental to building long-term relationship. This requires integrating business intelligence into every facet of their organization. Bright BI Consulting works with its clients to develop effective solutions to integrate vast amounts of data, develop comprehensive reporting tools, and measure them against goals.

We have experience in:

  1. Manage revenue and understand price optimization trending.
  2. Analyze room maintenance and inventory allocation, food, and beverage controls.
  3. Offer products and services that match customer preferences.
  4. Sales, marketing, loyalty marketing and campaigns
  5. Target different cross-sell and up-sell offers based on prior purchase behavior.
  6. Determine reinvestment levels and offer benefits according to customer value and profit.
  7. Use predictive analytics to determine long-term value of customer segments.
  8. Track performance of venues such as room bookings, dining, entertainment, and retail outlets, to determine the percentage contribution to total revenue.