Data Integration

Effective data integration is the key to meaningful business intelligence.

  1. A data warehouse combines data from different source systems so that it can be used for reporting and analysis. In order to get the data into the data warehouse, special applications (ETLs) must be used to extract, cleanse, conform and load it into the Data Warehouse.
  2. The ETL system is the foundation of the data warehouse. A successful implementation of your ETL system will ensure that the Data Warehouse can adapt to business changes in a very manageable way.
  3. The latest generation of data integration tools simplifies and accelerates enterprise-wide data access, integration, transformation and delivery. They allow customers to use a single interface to design the extraction/transformation/load (ETL) process, enforce data integrity, securely collaborate with multiple developers, and deploy.
  4. Bright BI Consulting’s experts can help your company design and implement a data strategy along with the ETL that will enable a complete and accurate reporting and insight in your BI platform.

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