SAP BI Suite/Platform

Using analytics tools to collect massive amounts of Big Data from your organization is one thing. Extracting meaning from that data and using it to drive real growth is another.


SAP BI Suite can help you unleash the power of collective insight by delivering enterprise business intelligence, agile visualizations, and advanced predictive analytics to all users — on any device or platform.

SAP BI Suite enables organizations of all sizes to:

  1. Provide intuitive, self-service access to business information: Increase the range of data accessible to business users.
  2. Enable informed and rapid decisions based on reliable and real-time business data: Make it easy to discover and share insight with a business intelligence platform that gives you flexibility, scalability, and function.
  3. Maximize visibility into the performance of your business network: Integrate all enterprise data regardless of format or location
  4. Simplify deployment and optimized use of IT infrastructure and resources: Reduce IT workload with simplified maintenance and administration options
  5. Centrally manage, control, and configure your BI deployment

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Right Tool for the Right User

One question that we encounter frequently from clients is about the overlapping capabilities of tools in the SAP BI portfolio. While redundancy in capabilities is a fact, there is no tool that would fit everyone. Bright BI Consulting team adopts a user-centric approach to architecture and tool selection. This in turn increases the likelihood of BI adoption. A typical approach consists of the following:

Assess the user type profile that needs insights (power user, executive or end user)

  1. Identify specific needs for the user profile (authoring, consuming or both)
  2. Identify tools of choice that would serve the identified needs
  3. Check which of these tools can consume data from its current source
  4. If you still have more than one tool shortlisted, consider other factors such as learning curve, familiarity and specific tool capabilities to identify the right one

Right Tool for the Right Feature

Certain features can only be met by select tools. In such cases, a better option may be taking a corrective measure that could facilitate better tool selection. For example, you may have to migrate the data from one source to another, or leverage a multi provider instead of a standard cube. In some cases, you may be better off waiting for an upcoming release of SAP for the best solution. Bright BI Consulting’s experts can help you navigate such scenarios so that you deliver the right architecture and user experience, thereby ensuring successful BI adoption.

SAP BO Consolidation

Bright BI Consulting experts can help you simplify architecture by consolidating SAP BO tools without compromising on features and business needs. This can be done in a way so as to protect existing investments while migrating with minimal disruption. Benefits include:

  1. Reduced number of tools for standardization of reports and user experience
  2. Focus on building development capability in a limited set of tools for maximum impact
  3. Flexibility and ease of maintenance
  4. Capitalize on interoperability (for example, Lumira files imported into SAP Design Studio)
  5. Leverage existing licenses of older tools/suite to work on consolidated suite

Our SAP BI Services

  • SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Strategy

    Evaluate SAP BO fitment with your needs and formulate strategy & architecture roadmap

  • SAP BusinessObjects Implementation

    Rollout SAP BusinessObjects by leveraging prebuilt frameworks and templates.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Healthcheck

    Identify problem areas in your infrastructure and address them for flexibility, scalability, reliability and availability.

  • SAP BW-BO Integration

    Leverage the right toolsets or integration to ensure flexibility and user experience

  • SAP BusinessObjects Migration and Upgrades

    Manage your existing architecture and stay ahead in terms of BI maturity and innovations.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Admin and Configuration

    Right size your BO landscape and deploy a scalable platform with a foolproof fail-over strategy. Implement robust security governing access & authorizations.

  • SAP BusinessObjects on Mobile

    Publish your BO dashboards and reports on mobile devices

  • SAP BusinessObjects Support

    Leverage a scalable offshore team to manage support (BASIS & App) and enhancements

  • SAP BusinessObjects Performance Optimization

    Use load balancers, tune application parameters to improve performance, configure critical servers in active-active to ensure availability.