Big Data Architecture

Discover how Big Data solutions can help your company succeed and get a clear advantage over the competition.

Bright BI Consulting suggests companies to address Big Data when at least one of the following questions issues needs to be addressed:

  1. Poor load and report performance
  2. Large and rapidly growing data volumes that cannot be managed with traditional tools
  3. Need the capability to store, integrate and analyze unstructured data

Let Bright BI Consulting help your company take advantage of many of the best technologies Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other data giants continue to use and enhance. Our experience in Big Data platforms, Amazon (AWS) and Azure cloud storage systems, in-memory solutions, and other emerging technologies will help your company get the best results.

The following are some of the amazing examples of what may Big Data help your organization:

  1. Real-time Analytics/Dashboards.
  2. Real-time communication.
  3. Web analytics, counting hits by hour, by browser, by IP, etc.
  4. Data collection from huge sensor arrays.
  5. Predictive analysis

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